Snap Wyatt – Sideshow Banner Painter

One of the most illusive, seemingly mysterious, and sought after banner artists of all time was Snap Wyatt. His name alone has been the subject of awe, when many think “that’s the coolest name ever.” Yet some believe that Snap Wyatt may be “the most important name” in banner art. His banners have such a unique look that they have paved the way for all banner art and have set an extremely high standard and particular “look” that has been copied by many and has been the focus of lifelong searches for others. I think most banner collectors would agree that their collection was not complete without a Snap Wyatt, and it was a big day in their life when they purchased their first Wyatt banner.

Born in 1905 in Asheville, North Carolina as David Wyatt, he went on to be known as Snap Wyatt, which will later be explained in this book by Johnny Meah. At the age of 14, David ran away with a circus and worked as a canvas man. He later became intrigued with magic and mind reading acts and performed these acts with the circuses he traveled with. He eventually became personal friends with master magician Harry Houdini, who stored equipment with Snap in Coney Island. In his spare time in the evenings, David touched up banners and eventually worked to become a scenic artist. He spent four years at Cooper Union in New York studying art from 1930-1934 and always felt like the odd man out, “not caring for paintings in museums.” Before opening his own studio in Florida, he studied  banner art at a Coney Island Studio. 

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